Justin Bieber: Savior of Retro Video Games

Justin Bieber

 If you have purchased a Pokemon, Mario, Zelda or any number of cartridge games then you’ve got a old video game that’s gotten a new lease on life. Our friend Justin Bieber has done the community a huge favor by taking this old cartridges and replacing old batteries & cleaning …

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Video Game Rescue featured on WJCT’s Hometown

Dustin was given the opportunity to talk about Video Game Rescue and how we are bringing the video game culture back to Jacksonville. They talk about how the store was started and the difficulties of running an arcade. Watching the video you can tell it was recorded before the remodeling …

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Help bring an ARCADE right next to the store!

VGR Indiegogo 640x427 banner

Together, we can create something unique here in Jacksonville! Let’s build a retro arcade and cafe right next to Video Game Rescue for the entire gaming community to enjoy! Imagine having a place to hold Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart 8, Starfox 64 and Pokemon Stadium tournaments. Imagine a huge …

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