How do I tell what my games are valued at?
A great portable resource is Video Game Price Guide for your iPhone and also available for your iPad. If you would like to look up your video game prices on your PC or MAC you can always use Video Game Price Charting which is my favorite site. They show you the current value of the game on not only Amazon and eBay but also show an average price over the last three years!

I’m new to collecting… Where do I start?
A great article that was a guest posted on the site is “Trials and Tribulations of a Reseller & Collector” and it is a great read! That article gives some great insight into what goes on as a collector and how to profit from it as well.

Where do I find classic games?
Start with going to your local Flea Markets and you can find a directory of them HERE. You can always stop by our store in Jacksonville Fl

What does CiB mean?
In short CiB means Complete In Box. This means the game includes everything that would have been in it at retail sales. Example: Original Nintendo Game: Game Cart, Manual, Promotional literature and cardboard insert.

What does NiB mean?
It simply means “New in Box”. This is similar to the term CiB but don’t confuse the two because they are close but definitely not the same.

What does GOTY mean?
This means Game of the Year. It is a second release of a game which sometimes includes bonus content or fixes in the game. In most instances these re-releases are worth less than the original.

What does DLC mean?
Downloadable Content

What does RTS mean?

What does FPS mean?

How do I know this NES / SNES game is the original seal?
IF you look at this photo HERE you can see a vertical seal line that runs down the back of the game itself. That indicates a factory seal and is extremely hard to duplicate.

How do I clean my video games?
First you really need to learn the power of the Magic Eraser! Using it makes a huge difference when removing marker and grime from your games and consoles. Be warned that if you scrub with it too much you can damage the plastic and remove some of it. If you want a basic “How to clean your games” you can start with my video of how to clean and repair your original Nintendo.

Some of the essentials to have in your cleaning arsenal are:

What games do not work for the Retron 2?

See a full list of non functioning games and accessories for the Retron 2 here.


How can I organize my video games?
How and where do I store all my games?

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